Nail tutorial #2 using Sellotape

This is a simple tutorial to teach you how to do stripes and other simple shapes using no tools except for Sellotape and nail varnish (I was running out if time and only did two fingers sorry)

You will need -
*At least two colours (I chose the red glitter Barry M polish and Avon speed dry in ASAP pink
*A top coat (La Colour in Broken Hearted)
*Nail scissors

Step one-
Paint all your nails a one coat of the first colour. I used the ASAP Pink by Avon

Step two-
Paint a strip of the Sellotape the second colour and leave to dry. You could always put on a second coat of your first polish during the time it takes to dry.

Step three - 
Using nail scissors cut out the shapes that you want and then stick them over the nail and cut off any tape hanging over the edge.

Step four - 
Cover up with a top coat to stop the design for chipping.

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See ya soon,
Georgie xxx


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