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So on June 7th 2014 I took a little trip with two of my friends to Wembley to see One Direction. I went last year to the take me home tour but I'd never been it a stadium before or a concert this big so I was excited!!!

So I thought that our tickets wouldn't have the best veiw as it was a stadium but it was actually really good!!! We could see everything really clearly and I thought this was their best tour yet!! 
5 Sconds Of Summer were so good and defiantly got people excited for the main act (even if we were the only ones standing in our section). I can't wait for their debut album which come out late this month... From what I heard its gonna be super amazing!

After 5sos it was time for one direction... It was so much better than last year. There were fireworks, brilliant animations and the biggest stage I have ever seen!!! My top three songs were Better than words, little white lies and of course best song ever. I was so glad I went even if I did lose my voice completely during one thing (typical me). It was by far the best concert I've ever been to!!

Thanks for reading... Let me know what your favourite concert you've ever been to was and as always don't forget to follow me on bloglovin...

Lots of love,
Georgie xxx


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