As some of you may already know I left school in June which meant that to celebrate we had a prom on the 18th July. So me and my friends go there by this army truck/jeep thing (shown below). I loved our transport as it was original because everyone went in limos and fancy cars and there we were, a group of teenage girls in a manly truck. 

So I didn't really want to spend £300 on a dress from a fancy overpriced shop which I probably wouldn't really wear again. My dress is from Miss Selfridge and cost £100. It may still seem a bit pricy but my family are going on a cruise in August so I would wear it then so it's wasn't that much of a loss. When I first saw that it was a fishtail dress I was a little bit put off but when I tried it on I thought it looked lovely and I wasn't really tight. Because there was so much beading and detailing on the dress I didn't really have many accssories as it may of been too much.

As there quite a bit of silver detailing I decided to get some silver heels. I was tempted with some silver Doc Martins but I wouldn't of been aloud on the truck by my friends:-( . So because I have flat feet getting heels can be an absolute pain but I found these wide fit silver heels from Next for £25. The looked absolutely amazing.

Unless anyone wants to see my makeup/tutorial I'm only going to list the products I used and my nails. I'm very fussy when it comes to my hair and makeup as if it wasn't how I wanted it I would of taken it all off a redone it myself so I decided to save money and just do it myself. I knew that I wanted my hair down and loosely curled but I wasn't really sure wether I wanted it to one side or half up half down until he day before but I decided wit bit to the side. I found these little butterfly clips at a local craftshop which matched my dress pefectly.

For my nails I used a minty green base coat and then added at strip of glitter at one side to make it look more interesting.

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love Georgie xxx


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