Sunset ombré nails!!! (Nail tutorial #3)


So most people know how to ombré nails as there are so many tutorials on Youtube and on other blogs so I decided to put my own twist on a simple idea based upon a sunset.

You will need : 

* Yellow nail polish 
* Pink/orange nail polish (my orange had dried up so I used a coral pink)
* Red nail polish 
* Black nail polish 
* Make up sponge 
* Small paint brush/nail striper 

Step 1

After you have removed any old polish, paint the yellow, orange/pink and red onto a make up sponge making sure it goes from lightest to darkest. To make sure the colour blend in the nail, over lap and blend the colours where they meet. 

Step two

Press the make up sponge on each nail. If you don't want to remove any excess polish you can always put cello tape around the nail. Do this on your every finger except the thumb and the ring finger.

Step three

If you did not use cello tape remove any excess polish on the finger using ether small cotton buds or a corrector pen.

Step four 

On the ring finger and thumb usin red glitter polish. I used the Barry M polish in the colour Red Glitter.

Step five

Using a black polish and a small paint brush (or striper if you have one) you create a palm tree on you first nail. Do this by creating the trunk first by creating a line that comes up half way on your nail that gets thinner. Then create curved lines at the top as leaves.

Then on your next finger create a sun by creating a semi circle and lines coming off to represent rays.

Then on my little finger create curved 'V' shapes as birds.

Step six

Add any top coat to stop your design from chipping.

What did you think of this design, let me know. Don't forget to follow me on BlogLovin,

Love Georgie xxxx


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