Travel Diary #1 - Welcome Aboard

So as some of you may already know I went on a cruise at the start if this month around Spain and Portugal so I thought I was share my travel experiences with you. I though my first travel post would just be a basic over veiw if the ship and where I was going but look out for more travel diaries about all the places I visited.

So the ship which I travelled on was called the Azura (which is a P&O ship) and had just over 3000 passengers plus 1200 members of staff. My first impressions were that the staff, espically the cabin attendants and the waiters, were really polite and always seemed to be happy to help you. The service was amazing and the waiter a breakfast always knew what I was going to have so I didn't even need to ask by the end of the trip. The restaurant we ate at had some I the best food I've ever eaten. It was so good I had two puddings nearly everynight! There were 19 decks on board ship so it was so much fun to explore and as it was so big you were always finding new places on board like the sky deck which we only explored on the last full day. There was so much to do that we only got to bed after midnight every day (as you can imagine I was such I joy to be around when I got back). 

We were also super lucky to see three pods of dolphins while at sea. They all came right next to the boat so we could see the so clearly. One of the things I wanted to do was see dolphins so that was a massive tick for me. There was also some whales spotted during the night but I didn't get to see them :-(. 

I actually really enjoyed all of the shows on board as the were some of the best shows I've ever seen! We actually got to see some of the proffesionals from Stricley Come Dancing perform which was amazing and I enjoyed ribbing that in my mums faces when I got back as she is a huge fan of the show... Such a caring daughter! 

We stopped at six ports which were Lisbon, Cadiz, Gibraltar, Cartagena, Barcelona and Ibeza which were all beautiful but different at the same time. Within the next few weekes I'll be uploading posts about each of these places so keep your eye out for these!!

What did you do this summer? Let me know.
Lots of love , Georgie xxxx