Travel diary #2 - Lisbon

(Sorry about not uploading sooner, I have work experience at the moment and I haven't found the time reccently.)

So on my cruise (curtesy of nan and grandad) the first port we stopped at was Lisbon, Portugaul. I thought it was a really lovely place to visit but u only saw the main part of town. I'm not sure I could of spent a week there but it was a really beautiful place with the most amazing little cafés and shops hidden away along the side streets. All of the shops were really good prices as the most I spent was €7 on a pair of sandals so I was impressed with the value for money there. 
However it was 28 degrees celcius so it was super hot which meant we had to sit down in the shade every hour or so. Going here made me want to visit Portugaul again because all of the people were friendly and most workers spoke a bit of English so I didn't feel completely out of my comfort zone. 
I really enjoyed my visit to Lisbon as I hadn't been to Portugaul before so it was nice to experience a new culture as I had only ever been to France and Ireland. Visiting has made me really want to visit Portugaul in the future!

What I brought in Lisbon-
I brought the owl ring for my best friend as she loves big rings like this and I brout the fish necklace for myself from the same jewllery shop on the highstreet. Both items came to a total of €5 which I thought was good value. 
I brought these sandals from a clothing shop on the highstreet (next to a cafe which makes the BEST hot chocolate) which were €7. I love these sandals because the colour goes with everything and the jewels look really cute. 

Have any of you guys visited Portugaul? If so, what did you think? I'd like to know your guys experiences.

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