Travel Diary #3 - Cadiz

After the stop at Lisbon we headed to our second stop which was Cadiz in Spain. It was quite different to England because most of the shops were in alleyways or small shaded streets because it is so hot the shops are kept in the shade where it is cooler. There were some real hidden treasures but once you found it, you probably won't find it again! Unlike Lisbon, most of the shops didn't have any English workers (unless your in the main square) so I often felt quite akward but I didn't mind because it was such a beautiful place.

Near the main part of town there was a market which was interesting to look at as there were things on sale which I'd never even heard about in England. There was a stall which sold fish where there was a giant tuna fish which you could chose what cut you had ... From a giant dead fish. Even if it was a but gross it was cool to see the different cultures as I've never been to Spain before. Unlike Lisbon there was more to do here so I wish I'd had more time to explore but I still enjoyed my visit to Cadiz as the food was amazing and the small shops were so different to anything I'd seen. 

What I brought in Cadiz -
I only brought three things in. Cadiz which came to a total of €11 which is good value. The first thing I brought were some sweets becaue I love sweet things and someone told me the sweets in Spain were very sweet which they were and I wish I'd brought more now.  

The second thing I brought was a gift for my brother and it was a Budda insense holder bacuse I knew it would be something he would like. I found in a Buddhist shop in a small side street. 

The last thing I brought was this cuff style bracelet which I absolutely love to pieces. This I probably my favourite bit of jewellery I brought as it looks so different to anything I have and at €3 you can't really complain. 

So have any of you been to Cadiz and what did you think? Let me know 

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