Travel Diary #4 - Gibraltar

So after my lovely day in Cadiz, we set sail and arrived in Gibraltar the next day. My first impressions was that it was quite small, very beautiful and defiantly full of life. I think you wouldn't want longer than one or two days there but I'm honestly glad I went.

So we had arranged a tour of the rock and the apes at the start of the day (I know I had to have left the boat by 8 am). This was the trip I was most looking forward to and it was defiantly worth it!! Our tour guide was super lovely (and very pro-Britain) and our first stop were the caves. 
I didn't want to originally go in the caves because I don't like tight spaces but the cave was really open and there was plenty of room for lots of people to walk around. There were these coloured flashing lights which were so cool and made the caves look absolutely amazing as it showed every single corner of the caves which you couldn't normally see... While looking awesome at the same time. 

So after we'd walked through the cave we got back in the bus and heading up the rock to see the apes which I was looking forward to. 
Let's just say they were defiantly wild animals... If they thought you had any food on you they would pounce on you like a tiger honestly. However they were used to the cameras and tourists so they ditn care about having flash on and one ape even posed for me.

After we'd finished our tour we went to the main square and walked along th shops and had the best fish and chips I've ever had. Honestly if you ever visit go to Roy's in the square ... You won't regret it I promise. 

Would I reccomend going? Yes but I would only go for a day visit or a few days as it is quite small but really beautiful and very different to anywhere I've ever been. 

What I brought in Gibraltar -

I only brought two things and both were for my parents. The first thing I brought was a pair of earring from The Silver Shop which cost me €5 which was such good value as they are so beautiful! The next thing was a monkey key ring (that squeaks!) for my dad as a joke because he wouldn't use a 'serious' present and it cost me €2.

Have any of you guys been to Gibraltar, if so what did you think? Also are you enjoying this series, if not there's only two left so don't worry! 

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