What's in my travel makeup bag?

So as some of you may already know I'm going away for two weeks with nonInternet so I thought I would post this before I leave. I was quite held back with my choice of make up even though I do have two sets of eye shadows! Let me know what in your make up bag if your going away or what you would need to take with you.

I decided to bring the Eco Tools 5-piece set (the fifth piece is the bag it travels in) as the are really small and can be stored easily.

For my face I decided to bring the Cover and conceal concealer by MUA, the Natural collection pressed face powder and the Natural collection Colour Foundation. I chose the foundation because I have sensitive skin and this foundation doesn't cause and allergic reaction and it's only £1.99 so it doesn't matter if I lose it.

I only brought two lip products which are both part of W7 the reds lipsticks. The I have brought are Chestnut and Scarlett Fever. I chose these two because I love red lipsticks and I know these will stay on all day.

Eye make up is the most important thing for me which is why I brought a lot more. I chose the W7 Zoom Mascara, the natural collection waterproof mascara and the NYC Cityproof mascara. I Lao brought two sets of eye shadows as one is more dramatic and can be used in the evening (the right one) and one is more suited to daytime (left one). Both of these eye shadows are different shades of the NYC Brown Eyes (Indivdual eyes).

What do you guys think of my makeup bag? Let me know if there's anything you think I should add. 

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