August favourites 2014

So now August is finally over it means that it's time to say goodbye summer and hello school (such fun)! Now that August is well and truly over I can share some of my favourite things from last month.

So my three beauty products I have been loving are the W7 Zoom mascara, MUA Cover Up Conclear and the H&M Blush and foundation duel brush

The first product is the Zoom mascara which I have been using everyday because it gives so much length to your lashes. I brought it at Savers for £2 which is such a good deal and I would highly reccomend you buy it if you see it!

The second product is the MUA Conclear which I brought from Superdrug and cost me £1.50. Don't get me wrong there are con clears out there with better coverage but if your happy with your natural 
skin and just want to cover up dark circles then this Conclear is perfect as it feels like your wearing nothing. If your looking for coverage I would reccomend this concealer. 

Finally the last beauty product is the Duel Brush by H&M. It was from H&M (duh) and set me back £1.99. I imagine there are better brushes out there but if your just starting to get into makeup or don't have a lot of money (like me) to spend on brushes then this is perfect. I don't really use the foundation brush so I mainly bought it for the blush end and so far I've been loving it! 

So my top music tracks that I've been listening to his month are Black Widow by Iggy Azlea and Rita Ora and Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. Black Widow has always been my favourite track in The New Classic so I was sooooo excited when I found out this was going to be her new single so I've been playing it pretty much the whole month. Towards the end of the month I've been longing Taylor's new song as it's so catchy and kinda different to anything she's ever done! I'm pretty sure I'm going to be playing it the whole of next month as well! 

My film of the month has to be Guardians Of The Galaxy. Don't get me wrong I'm still an Avengers girl but I really enjoyed this film so much as it was funny and action packed. My favourite character has to be Rocket as he was so funny and always had the coolest guns.

So what have typos guys been loving this month? Have you seen/heard/ tried any of the things I've talked about and did you agree?

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love, Georgie xx


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