Life update - Starting College

So as some of you may already know I left secondary school in June and have now had my first week at college. My first impressions were that you were treated more like an adult and you are a lot more Independant which I personally didn't find a bad thing. My advice for anyone on their first day if collge would be prepare for it to be different and come prepared. I did really well on my first week as I have three sperate A4 labelled notebooks for each of my subjects and PLENTY of pens, pencils and maths equipment so I didn't have to worry about being underprepared which completely saved my life on my first day.

The main difference that I've noticed compared to secondary school is the amount of free time you have and it's completely up to you how you spend your time. Obviously I haven't really picked up much work as it's my first week but I'm planning on spending some of that time doing my moework and catching up with class work. 

Because my secondary school doesn't have a sixth form I have to get the bus to one of my local colleges. Most of my friends went to a college a but further away and have to get the bus at 7:30 but I get to have an extra hour in bed! Basically what I'm trying to say is you may have to be prepared to get up a bit earlier if your school doesn't have a sixth form.

So overall I absoutly love it!! I have a few of my friends from my old school which gave me a bit of comfort on my first day. I even managed to make a few new friends which if you know me you would know how much I struggle with that so I'm quite proud of myself for going to a new school with only a few of my friends as I normally panic about this sort of thing.

So my advice if your starting collge next year- 
1. Come prepared - it's better to be over prepared than underprepared. Have a seperate not book for each subject and an organiser if you need it ... Honestly it will help!
2. Spend your time wisely - if you have homeworkers are struggling with a subject, do it in your free period instead go going to the shop or getting a coffee ... It will be more helpful in the long run I promise!
3. Pack your bag the night before - only pack for the subjects that you have to save you carrying around heavy books and making sure you have the right books. 
4. Get to lesson on time - I think this one basically speaks for itself 
5. Try to enjoy your time there - take every opportunity you get and make the most of the time with your friends before you go to uni or start work.

So I've given my advice, do you guys have any advice for me or any tips to help me survive college?

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Love Georgie xxx


  1. I had the best time when I went to college and I would do anything to go back! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far and I hope you continue to enjoy it! Good luck with it all :) and great tips!x