My Mascara Collection

So I know a lot of post at the moment are back to school related and I do want to do a what's in my school bag but honestly .... I haven't even brought my school bag yet (and I'm back in Monday, help!). Instead I though I'd show you guys my mascara collection and tell you which one I love the most. Before I start I know I have more mascaras than I need but I am a mascara queen and I couldn't live without it!

(From top to bottom)
1. Avon Spectra Lash - this one has settings that change how much volume is given. It cost me £5 but it is originally £10. I don't think I'd pay £10 for it but I do like it.
2. Technic Vibralash - This mascara actually vibrates but I'm not actually sure how much that actually adds to the product but I still think it's a great mascara. I picked this up for £1.99 from a little shop called Kerri-Ann's 
3. Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash - I actually quite like the Miss Sporty mascaras as they aren't too badly priced and this one is £1.99. I do think they have better ones on there line but it's good if your just starting out in make-up or looking to add to your collection if your on a budget.
4. W7 Lashed Up - I normally like the W7 mascaras but I wasn't that impressed with this one. It works well on lower lashes but not so great in the top. However it did only cost me £1 from my local market.
5. W7 Extreme Lash- this did originally have a gold tiger print on it but I gess it rubbed off. I love this mascara as you can pick it up for a reasonable price £2) and it actually works really well and I love it!

(From top to bottom) 
1. H&M Volume Mascara - again I think this mascar is great for people starting out in make and I actually love the H&M makeup collection! I like this mascara but don't get me wrong I do have better ones but I still love it.
2. Maybeline High Heel Mascara - I actually can't remember how much it cost me but I really like this one. It adds a lot of length to your lashes and I would defiantly repurchase 
3. Miss Sport Curve It, Pump Up - I love this mascara as it leaves a lasting curl and adds length, how wee I found it dried quicker than some of the other I have but it inky cost £3.99 so I spdont kind repurchasing more often.
4. NYC Big Bold Mascara - of course I have to have some NYC in there! This is £3.99 (I think) and I love it! I do prefer th curk version but I still love this.
5. No7 Dream Lash - my nan gave this to me so I don't know how much it costs but it's a good little mascara (don't let it's size fool you). If you don't like clumpy lashes I would reccomend this one. 

Must top 5 - (left to right)
1. Esteè Lauder Double Wear - My favourite!! This was a gift as I don't normally buy high end but I'm defiantly getting another one!
2. Miss Sporty Inrediball - this mascara doesn't leave any lash in coated. He ball one the end gives and even length and it looks amazing!
3. NYC City Curls - This is my favourite budget mascara as it only costs £1.99 but works like it cost five times that. Love it!
4. W7 Zoom - click here 
5. NYC Big Bold Curl - click here

My only waterproof mascara is the Natural Collection 
Waterproof. This doesn't smudge when swimming and only costs £1.99!

What's your favourite mascara and what do you think I should add next to my collection?

Love Georgie xx


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