#teenblogsunite #2 - OOTD

 Hey guys, I'm back! If you missed my first post in this series click here. So my task this week is to create an outfit of the day to an event. I did mine pretty basic and went in a meal out or maybe a party.

So this is my outfit! I think it came to £17 (excluding shoes) which I think is an absolute steal! I went for the main colour to be black because it's classic and suits everyone. If you didn't want to be all black you could change the colour of the skirt to pink or waer some brighter shoes. 
Crop top - H&M £7
Skater Skirt - Topshop £10 (but you can buy them any where)

So for shoes I went with a pair of Doc Martins. I know it might sound weird but I think they look amazing but should be worn with black tights! You can were heels, pumps, converses but I find these so comfy and I think they look fab.

I've always wanted a balck pair because my original blue pair doesn't really go with much. I brought these in an outlet for £40!! I know they were such a steal. I love these because they have have a sort of snake skin pattern which makes them stand out whilst looking amazing with the outfit. Pic you are thinki about getting a pair of Dm's I would reccomend looking in outlets and online to see what's on sale as they can be particularly pricey!

So what did you guys think of my outfit and would you do anything to improve it? Honestly I'm open to suggestion!
Love Georgie xx


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