#teenblogsunite - three things I can't live without

Hey guys so I've decided to became part of a project called #teenblogsunite. This is set up by two bloggers called Chloe and Lauren, who's aim is to promote teen bloggers. This project is going to happen through the whole year, and each person who takes part in it will be posting a themed blog post but add our own individual twist. I thought this sounded like a fab idea and a load of fun so if it does to you then you can click here or here for more information on how to get included, and here if you want to have a look at the dates and topics of the upcoming blog.
This blog post is the first of the whole project and we were told to talk about 3 things we couldn´t live without, and here are mine:

1. iPad 
I use my iPad every day an I don't know what I'd do without it!! I use it to watch youtube videos every morning while I. Putting my makeup on, BBC iplayer, games and soical networking. I actually might die without it!

2. Headphones 
Ok I absolutely love my music. I literally need my headphones nod because I use them so often they die sooooo quickly so I have new pair at least every two months. I have my eye on some beats but I don't have enough money yet. Hopefully my birthday will bring me a pair! Honestly music plays such an important part in my life I don't know what I would do if I wasn't able to listen to it. 

3. My make up bag
I know this it technically more than one item but I can't really chose between my mascara or concealer so we went with the whole lot. I have issues in the past with bullying so I struggle with the way I look so this helps me when I meet new people or just every day adventures. I think it just makes me feel more confident in my own skin. To see what I have in my makeup bag click here.

Well that took a slightly depressing turn! Sorry about that. 
Let me know if you are part of the #teenblogsunite and what there things you can't live without. 

Love, Georgie xx


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