What's in my school makeup bag?

So my school makeup bag isn't really very big because it doesn't need to be! All you need is a few touch ups at lunch and you're ready to go again. My advice when packing a makeup bag for school is to only pack a few items so there is more room for school work and less chance of products getting lost. I would also reccomend that you leave your favourite products/more expensive products at home because I mapped this mistake and lost some of my favourites makeup products at school. Anyway this is what I decided to pack.

(From left to right)
1. Natural Collection pressed powder in the shade "cool"
2. MUA Cover and Conceal concealer in the lightest shade (I couldn't remember what it's called)
3. Travel Atomizer containing Katy Perry Killer Queen 
4. W7 Zoom mascara 
5. H&M volume mascara
6. W7 The Reds lipstick in the shade "chestnut"

Because I've started college now I can get away with waering red lipstick but if you're in secondary school or have a stricter uniform I wouldn't wear the red lipstick as you'll only be told to take it off and it's a waste of product. 

Let me know what's in your school makeup bag.

Love Georgie xx


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