Katy Perry Killer Queen review

So if you read my last post you will know that one of my all time favouite perfumes is Killer Queen by Katy Perry. I recently purchased the entire set with the perfume, body lotion and shower gel for under £20 as her new fragrance has just come out. Honestly if your in Savers anytime soon I would highly reccomend purchasing it... You won't regret it.

Ok can I just start by daunting how amazing the bottle looks. It's so pretty and I love the colour scheme and it stand out and looks amazing in any shelf... And the smell lives up to the packaging. It's smells more expensive than it actual is. It has an amazing florals sent but doesn't smell too girly or flowery (if that makes sense). It has it has other sents mixed in such as red berries and put which makes it smell completely original and fabulous in every single way. I was worried that the shower gel and body lotion wouldn't live up to the string smell of the perfume but it did! I love Katy and was not disappointed by this perfume and can't wait to try Royal Revolution. 

What's your favouite perfume and have you tried this one? What do you think of the Katy Perry perfumes?

Love Georgie xx