LA Colors Color Craze Review

So I found this brand of nail varnish at the chemist and they were only £1 a bottle! I thought I'd pick a few up and try them out and they did not disappoint! I brought three colours (one of them is a top coat) and I absolutely love it! The colour is so pigmented which I was hoping for from the title 'Color Craze' and I was defiantly not disappointed! The only down side is that I used three coats of 'Dazzle' and 'So Famous' so I would like the formula to be thicker but at £1 I can't really complain. It's great for people on a budget or just starting out in nail varnish.

Dazzle -

So Famous 

Broken Hearted (top coat) 

Have any of your tried the LA Color nail varnishes ... If so what did you think? 

Love Georgie xxx


  1. Ahh, LA Colors! Such a good "cheapie" brand! They do tend to age and thicken up quickly, so it's best to keep them in the fridge. Or throw a bit of polish remover in there when they do thicken up -- as long as they don't have glitter -- and they'll perk back up.

  2. Oh, P.S. -- How does it go with multiple coats? For me, anything more than 2 coats (i.e. 3 coats for a lighter color) tends to get bubbly. Not sure if I just had a bad batch.


    1. I used three coats for the blu colour and it didn't go bubbly but I did find with other colours that did happen as well