Nail Tutorial #4 - Half Moon

So I know it's been a long time since my last one of these but I thought I was about time for another nail tutorial. This one looks really good and is so simple to do.

All you need is :
*Hole Reniforcers (you'll know what I mean in a bit)
*Two different nail colours 
*Top coat 

Step one -
Paint your nails the first colour (you can add a base coat if you want) I went for a sparkley redish pink. I would apply two coats to make sure teh colour is vibrant enough.

Step two -
Cut the hole reinforcers in half. This is going to create the curved shape for this nail design. 

Step three -
When the first colour has dried - and I mean COMPLETELY dried - gentley stick the semi circle on the nail. 

Step four -
Paint the second nail colour over the sticker. Don't paint over the hole at the bottom as it will craet a different design. I mean you can if you wanna creat a curved stripe. 

And when you've painted the final layer remove the sticker and you should have a curved design. If you  put the sticker near the tip of the snip it would look really good for a French manicure design. 

What do you guys think of this design and what colours would you use?

Love Georgie xxx


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