#teenblogsunite #3 - Brand focus

So in case you were unaware, I'm doing a series called Teen Bloggs Unite and if you missed my last one you can click here.

So this week I'm discussing my favourite brands so seeing as I've already done a post on my favourite make up brand ,NYC, (click here to view) I would discuss my favourite clothing brand (sorry if that's not allowed)

At the moment I have been loving H&M as it is super affordable for a student and is good quality for the price. I absolutely live the crop tops there (they are my must have fashion item) and I think they start at only £3.99 which is such a good deal. I even love their make up range and the brushes are so good as well as the nail varnishes. I always go in H&M every time I'm i. Town and there's always something j want to buy (which isn't good for the bank balance) I got my college bag from here as well and it hasn't failed me yet!

What's your favouite highstreet shop? And what's the best thing you've brought from H&M, mines the crop top I wore in my last teen blogs unite (click here). 

Love Georgie xxx


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