October Favourites

Happy November everyone! Another month has passed so that,Evans it's time for my October favourites. I have three products that I have been loving this months which are the Bobbi Brown Soothing Vleansing Oil, Little Mix Nial wraps, and the Blusher set by Body Collection.

Bobbi Brown Cleansing oil, 
This was given to me a while ago and I've only just started using it again reccently. To used it I put a cotton pad under hot-ish water and then add two or three pumps onto the pad. This product is honestly one of the best cleansers I've ever tried and it lags ages as you only need a small amount. I think it was around £20 so I wouldn't buy it myself I would probably ask for it as gifts as it is a bit more expensive but I do really love this and it really helps keep my skin clear. It works well in sensitive skin as well as I do has refrains to some products but nothing like that has happened yet. I would highly reccomend this product espically of you have sensitive skin a dn find it difficult to find a cleanser. 

Body Collection Blusher Set 
So I'm not actually sure where you can buy this brand because I brought it in a small market style shop called Kerri Ann's which I such am amazing shop (and click here to see if there a store near you) if you ha e one locally you are so lucky as I brought this while visiting my nan and I wish I had one near me! This I at me £1.50 and it is the best blusher set I have ever purchased. It has a colour for every look and I use it everyday. It isn't to heavy when you apply it so there's no change of looking like a clown. It's quite sutle colour but still ads plenty of colour to your cheeks. Honesty please let me know if I can buy this brand anywhere else as I would love to try some more of there products.

Little Mix Nail Wraos (By Elegant Touch)

So I actually brought Hess a few weeks ago as they were only £1 in savers and they were such a good deal. I did buy two Perrie ones and used one of them for Halloween. I also brought a pack of Jesy's because I thought they would be perfect for when I went to comicon in Novemeber as they would fit trigger in! These are quite easy to apply if you follow the instinct ions and last ages if applied correctly. I'm so glad I brought them as the look so cute and everyone always asks me about them. 100% would repurchase, espically for parties. 

What have you been loving this month, let me know in the comments.

Love, Georgie xx


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