5 Things On My Christmas List

Hey guys guess what? It's nearly Christmas!!! So I thought I'd share five things on my Christmas wish list and have my fingers crossed that my mums reading this!!!

1. New headphones - I chose Apple ones because I want ones that last and don't break after a month

2. Leather jacket - mine has holes in and this one from New Look is gorgeous and I thinks it £39

3. Royal Revolution by Katy Perry - so if you've been reding my blog you'll know my favouite perfume is Killer Queen and I can't wait to try out the newer version. 

4. Girl Online by Zoe Sugg - I've been waiti ages for this book to come out and I'm so excited to read it! Let's hope a copy ends up under my tree...

5. Pokemon Omega Ruby - Yes I am 17, yes I own a DS and yes I want Pokemon. I'm very childish but I seriously wan this game...

Ok so that's the top five things on my Christmas list but I want to know what you guys want fro Christmas. Let me know in the comments below. 

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Love Georgie xxx

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  1. Great list! I have started reading Girl Online, and its really good- I hope you get it! Top of my list is the Chanel 'Chance' perfume, I'm so addicted to it!
    Emily xxx
    Emily May- Interior Design