Cheap Christmas Ideas - for her

So if you missed my last blog post (click here to view it) I showed you guys my ideas for my dad on a budget. I did the same thing for a gift bag for my mum and I thought I'd share my ideas with you lovely people of the Internet.

Savers is one of the best places to get present for your mum or any girl in general in a budget. I brought a love hearts candle in the flavour Red Cherry for £1. It smells super sweet and looks super cute. I mean who dosent live candles? Next I brought her two bath bombs, one lavender and one strawberry. I haven't tied them yet but they look really pretty and I'm sure my mum will love them. The next thing I picked up from savers was a reed diffuser (if that what it's called). My mum is into the whole 'making our hous e smell nice thing' and I saw it and thought of her. I can't remeber if it was £1 or £1.99 but it's wasn't expensive. I also got her a bottle or rspberry pavlova bubble bath/shower gel. I love raspberries and was kind of hoping I could use some ... I bit greedy I know. 

I brought two things from pound land which included a mini box of Thorntons chocolates becuase who doesn't like chocolate? It was such a good buy and super good value. I also brought her a mini bath set containing shower gel, body butter and a bath bomb. I thought this looked adorable and suited my mum tastes perfectly. 

My main present to my mum was the CD Its The Girls by Bette Midler because my mum absolutely adores her so I've just ordered it off amazon for her. I know she's going to love it. 

So that's all I've got for my mum, what have you guys brought for your mum or best friend. Let me know in the comments.

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Lots of love, Georgie xxx


  1. Some great ideas! And I'm sure your mum would love all of this :) ❤️