Cheap Christmas ideas - For Him

Hey guys it's finally Christmas time!! Which also means the most expensive time of the year and as a college student with no part time job, it's Christmas on a budget this year. The hardest person to buy for was defiantly my dad (don't know if it's just me) so I thought I'd show you little stocking filler that I brought for my dad all for £1 (and maybe get some ideas from you guys about what I'm missing). I also brought him a mini box of Thorntons chocolates from pound land as well for him.

So the first thing I brought my dad was some Star Wars shaped chocolates. My dad is a HUGE Star Wars fan I found here and decided he needed them for Christmas. They were from pound land and I'm sure he love them. 

I also brought him a box of latte packets which I thought would be perfect for him to take to work. My Ada loves lattes and coffe in general so I thought these would be perfect and Sy were form pound land so they were great value as well.

I brought him some shower gel, shaving foam and deodorant as well because I didn't know what else to buy him and my mum had way more presents then him (and still does) so I thought I'd buy him something he can use everyday. 

The last thing in my dads sticking is Hot Fuzz on DVD. My dad loves this film and whenever it's on TV we also seem to miss some of it so I found this for £2 at the charity shop. 

Ok so that all the affordable stuff I have for my dad so far and I kind of need some more ideas... Have any suggestions?

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Love Georgie xx

P.S. I got one direction tickets for the On The Road Again tour today for the 26th September... Are any of your guys going ?


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