TAG CHALLENGE: 25 Facts About Me

Hey guys! My friend jess (click here) have created a combined post idea where every month we do a different tag/challenge. This month it was my turn to chose so seeing as we are both still kinda new to blogging I chose 25 facts about me.

1. My names Georgie, I'm 17 and I live in the UK
2. I'm currently studying biology, chemistry and maths
3. I hate chemistry with a passion 
4. I have a massive girl crush on Hayley Williams for Paramore and Taylor Swift (don't judge me)
5. My first concert was Alesha Dixon
6. I'm a huge Directioner (again, don't judge me)
7. My favouite TV show is Game Of Thrones 
8. My favouite character from GOT is Arya Stark
9. I have. Comic book collection 
10. My favouite superhero is Iron Man 
11. My favouite film is The Avengers 
12. The combination of 7 through to 11 makes me a massive nerd (something I will never admit to my friends)
13. My favouite flowers are yellow lilies 
14. My favouite colour is pink 
15. My favouite animal is a Guinea Pig (they are super cute) 
16. I like pretty much all food except mushrooms 
17. My favouite makeup brand is NYC 
18. I can't cook (I cooked pasta wrong and nearly set fire to a ready meal)
19. However, I make awesome cake and cookies
20. I don't know what I want to do in the future, whether I want to go to university or what I'm going to study. I'm so confused 
21. My favouite actress is Jennifer Lawrence 
22. I really want to dye my hair pink but I'm too scared to ask my mum! 
23. I'm so scared of spiders I have to leave the room if I see one 
24. I think Subway is possibly the best thing ever invented 
25. I'm the most unorganised person you'll ever meet.

I hope you learnt something new about me today and make sure you read next months tag challenge.  To make sure you don't miss it follow me on Bloglovin here, 

Love Georgie xxx


  1. Hey Georgie! This is an interesting post. It's always nice to learn more about the 'minds' behind the blogs. :)

    1. Thank you ... I'm glad you liked it xx x