Recent Beauty Buys

So recently (and by recently I mean yesterday) went out and did some makeup shopping. I was quite impressed with myself as this came to under £11 and there were some really good looking Nordics in there. I only wanted conc lower and ended up wi a lot more ... Whoops!

First off is the Cover Pallete by W7 which has five concealers in different shades. I saw this and knew I had to try it! It looks like good quality and I could use it for contouring aswell. I'm definatly going to review this so keep and eye out for it.

The next product I brought was a pressed powder which I'm going to have to use this for contouring
or bronzer seeing as I brought it five shades to dark ... How stupid am I? I haven't tried it yet but I looks like good powder. 

Of course I had to buy a mascara! I brought the W7 Wild Lash. I used this today and I'm already in love with it. This is definatly being added to my "Must repurchase list". I love the W7 mascaras and this one my be my favouite from the range. Maybe ok?

I've never heard of this brand before but I thought I'd give this foundation a go because there is so much of it. I don't think it would be best for people who want heavy coverage but it gives a natural, dewy look. I actually really like this as it hasn't upset my sensitive skin and actually looks amazing on.

Next i repurchased two of my W7 'The Reds' lipsticks in the shades Scarlet Fever and Chestnut. I've raved about these lipsticks so many times because they are super pigmented and last quite a long time. I had to replace one of them because one of my friends decided that my lipstick lived in the bin (he now knows that he should never do that again). I highly reccomend these lipsticks!!

So these are my recent beauty buys. What have you recently purchased and was it worth it? Let me know in the comments. 

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Love Georgie xxx


  1. In need of a new mascara! Might try!