Seventeen Eye Crayon Review

So if you read my January Favourites post you'll know about how much I have been loving the Seventyen eye crayons. I've honestly been using them everyday!  They came in a pack of four and the colours are -
Pink and brown (defiantly my favouite)

Gold and black 

Light sliver/grey and dark grey 

And finally the classic black and white

To use these you put the lighter colour on your lid and the darker colour in your crease. I use the actually crayon to do both and I line my crease and blend it out with a brush. I find this easier to do and I personally prefer it blended with a brush rather than my finger. The only downside is that they are quite soft so you need to apply gently otherwise it might break (whoops!) but you don't need to apply lots of it to beg a bold colour. I personally love this product and will kist defo ally be repurchasing. 

They cost me £10 from Boots 

Have any of you busy tried these crayons or anything similar, what did you think?

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Love Georgie xxx


  1. They remind me of the Maxfactor ones. They are so underrated! ;)

    I wrote a review on the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, if you'd like to check it out:

    Love, Charline xxx

  2. I might have to try these! Love the pink and brown one xx

    1. That's my favouite one too! Let me know if you get them xx