Five Ways People Annoy Me

Hey guys! I'm one of those people that's gets really annoyed and frustrated super easily and to be honest, it kind of annoys everyone around me. So I thought I'd share the top five things that annoy me with you guys to maybe vent some of my anger and find out if it's just me. 

1. People telling me what to do. When I say this I don't mean my parents telling me to do the washing up or my teacher telling me to do my work. I mean one of my friends or someone who isn't my parents/teacher ordering me to do something.  I hate someone making me feel like I'm a child. It just gets under my skin and I can't stand it. 

2. People who can't shut up. I don't mind people having a rant or just having a chat but I needs to be in the right place. But if I'm watching my favouite TV show or a film ... I would appreciate it if you would just be quiet. I'm really sorry if that sounded rude but I can't stand it.

3. Arrogance. Ugh I hate people who think they are better than me because they're smarter and have an ego the size of a planet. There are some things I do better than other, so I rub it in people faces? No. So why do people find it necessary to tell me that they think they're better than me. Just stop before you get hurt.

4. Pople who are too judgemental. Ok I accept that people don't get on and want to have a bitch and moan but I can't stand when people judge a book by its cover. When girls see a new girl for the first time and just like to point out every singer flaw (which I'm pretty sure we're already aware of) ... Ugh I just can't stand people like that. 

5. Bullies. This one is pretty obvious. As someone who has been bullied it makes people feel small and insignificant and even now I get nervous around new people and even friends. When you bully someone it stays with them forever, they can always hear your bpvoice in the back of their head all the time. There's no need for it and there is no excuse. Just don't be that person.

So these are five ways people annoy me. Please let me know that it's not just me that hates these things, otherwise I'll feel like a moany teenage girl. 

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