Shoe Dreaming

Shoes are my weakness. If I see a pair that I like I buy them, which is probably why I'm so poor (sigh). I was looking at shops online and found some gorgeous shoes some of which are out of my price range but a girl can dream! 

1. New Look £24.99
2. H&M £29.99
3. New Look £14.99
4. Topshop £80
5. New Look £29.99
6. H&M £12.99
7. River Island £40

I have to say I'm drawn to number 2 and 5 personally but I love all of these! If only I could afford all of them... 
Which one if your favourite? Let me know in the comment below.

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Love Georgie xx


  1. I like number 4 and 5! Love it!

    1. I like 4 as well but I just can't justify £80 that I dont have:-(