20 Beauty Blogger Blogpost Ideas

Hey guys, as promised here is a beauty blogger version of my blogpost ideas list. I really love lists like these as they help inspire you when you've hit bloggers block. So here are twenty ideas for beauty bloggers who have hit bloggers block.

1. Brought any recent beauty products? Do a beauty haul and write what you expect these products to be like?

2. List the products on your beauty wish list 

3. What products would you defiantly repurchase? Why?

4. What products will you defiantly not be repurchasing 

5. What's in your travel makeup bag? 

6. Top five high end beauty products? 

7. Top five high street beauty products?

8. How do you clean your makeup brushes? Give a step by step tutorial. 

9. Favourite lipstick? Review?

10. Seasonal look? What's your mist have makeup product for each season? 

11. How do store you makeup? Is it a DIY, or did you buy it (if so where from?. 

12. Got any advice for makeup "beginners"? 

13. Share your perfect " beginners" makeup bag? 

14. What's tour favourite makeup brand? Explain why and your favourite product they do?

15. What's your favouite eyeshadow pallete? Give your readers a reason to buy it! 

16. Give yours of a budget or £5, £10 ect. and see what products you can buy. See if you can create an entire look with them.

16. Do you have any products that are similar? List the pros and cons of each product and say which one you like best. 

17. Interested in nail art? Take pictures of your best designs and do a step by step instructions. 

18. Do a nail i speciation blogpost where you show off your best manicures? Ask your readers for the best design.

19. What products do you use for your everyday look?

20. Skincare routine? Share all your favourite skin products and why you love them.

So these are my twenty beauty blogger ideas to get you out of bloggers block. Let me know if you try ant of these in the comments. 

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Love Georgie xxx


  1. Will have to give some of these a try :) thanks for the ideas!

    1. Thank you xx Please let me know of you do x