20 Blogger Ideas

Ok, so something I frequently struggle with is bloggers block. So the first thing I do is take "inspiration" from other blogs and search for lists like these to help give me ideas. So here is my list, to help some of you guys some blog ideas. 

1. Read any books recently ... Review?

2. Favourite album of all time? Tell me why I should buy it!

3. Film reviews ... Seen any films reccently or review your favouite film of all time.

4. Make your own tag 

5. Take photos of you day or week and share the 

6. New blogger? Explain where you want to go with your blog 

7. Been blogging awhile? Give advice advice to newbie bloggers

8. 25 facts about me 

9. Top five favourite films ever 

10. Have a friend who's a blogger? Ever thought about a collaboration?

11. Any exam or revision tips?

12. Got any recipes you love?

13. Organisation tips (something I will never do) for work or desks ... If it's a DIY, even better 

14. Any tips on saving money?

15.Been on holiday or a day trip ... How about a travel diary?

16. Write about a hobby and why you love it 

17. Write a wish list? Dream car? Clothes? Books? It can be anything 

18. Top five blogs to read 

19. Top five youtubers you like watching

20. Top five TV shows 

So these are my random everyday blogger ideas (keep your eye out for a beauty blogger version). What so you think of these ideas? Also l me know if you do any of them. Tweet me your respond to @heyyitsgeorgie. If you follow me by the 11th April 2015, I'll follow you back.

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Love Georgie xxx


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