Are They Really Your Friend?!?!

Hey guys, as a seventeen year old girl, I've had a share of my friendship dramas. Recently I've began to realise that I've outgrown (if that's even a thing) some  of my closest friends. They've been in my life for over six years and throughout school they've always been there for me. We all went to different colleges and we promised we stay in touch, but recently I feel like I've moved on. I feel like since I've started college I've had to grow up a lot and face a lot of things which makes me think that I've outgrown them. Now I've realised that I don't want to be the person that I was in school, the person who didn't have the confidence to speak to new people or the person that just didn't like anything about herself. I feel like if I want to stop being this person I need to move in, which includes leaving my friends behind. It's actually really sad to do this but I feel like if I'm going to change and become more happy with myself I need to leave everything behind.  There two people in this group I want to stay friends with. One is my oldest closest friend who I've know nearly 13 years! The other is a fellow blogger who I absolutely love. I feel like all three of us feel the same. Change is one of the things I'm mist scared of and losing my friends but it needs to be done. They're are just some people who aren't really your friend and I've finally learnt that now! I shouldn't be boss's around and made to feel bad when only two of us meet up. I should become my own person and find people who like me for me!

I know this post is more personal but I promise things will be back to normal soon. Have any of you outgrown friends? Let me know on the comments. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xx


  1. This has helped so much <3