Considering University?!?!

I feel that university is one of the hardest things to consider. The first thing is if you want to go, then what course, then where and finally you have to work your butt off to get the grades that you want. A few months ago everyone was stressing me out because I had no idea what I wanted to do in the future. Since then I've finally decided what course I want to and what I want to go and what I'm going to do with it. There are so many option for you at university (such a dual honour, major minor and year in industry) that there really is something for everyone. Considering I've found this process partially difficult, I thought I'd share some tips to help you guys out so you don't get stressed out like I'd did! 

1. It's ok to not know what you wanna do. If you have a few subjects your good at/are interested in erase arch the best universities for your favourite subjects (or your favourite universities) and order the prospectus. Trust me, a prospectus is so much easier than looking online. 

2. Research other options. If your thinking about two subjects there are ways of doing both. There's dual honours and major minor courses you can look into. I'm probably going to do dual honours in biology and environmental science because I can't decide between both subjects. You can also look at studying online. It might suit you better. 

3. Look at university open days. I'd start with looking at a local university just to make sure that the course (or courses) you're looking at is right for you. There's no point travelling across the country to find out you don't want to do that course. 

4. If you're not 100% sold on your course it's ok to take a year out. You can apply for deferred entry so the course will be there the next year. There's no point paying all that money and not be completely sold on your course. 

5. Don't listen to anyone else! This one is super important. People will tell you that you NEED to make a decision which is NOT TRUE! It's your life so you take as long as you want making up your mind. Don't let people stress you out because they have everything planned - plans change! 

Honestly university is nothing to worry about. Take time and make sure you're 100% sure about your choice. Let me know in the comments what your opinions are on university in the comments. 

Thanks for reading, 
Love Georgie xx


  1. Great post this is really useful and helpful! I love your blog! <3

    1. Thank you ... I'm glad you found it useful x