Does Counselling Really Help?!?

Hey guys! So recently I posted about living with anxiety, and since then I've been to a counselling session today ell with this and another disuse that I've been having college. I was "advised" to go by my teacher which basically means that "you're going but I can't on the record force you". It was main,y focused around this really really bad situation at college (which I don't wanna talk about) but we talked about other problems I've been facing. I was really nervous about going in and had been having panic attacks about it for a few days about I. When I went in the lady was actually really nice and made me feel actually pretty calm. Obviously this was my first session so we didn't go into a huge amount of detail, just what's been going on and how she could help. Even though it was only a short session, I made me feel a lot better! I don't like telling anyone how I feel because I don't want people to worry or whatever, so it was an amazing feeling being able to tell someone about I and not be judged for anything. I mean let's be honest, she's probably seen a lot worse! If your offered this option I would seriously take it. I haven't told her everything, and I'm not sure I will, but I feel like I don't have to keep worrying about some of these anymore. Because it through college, I feel a lot less official comaored to going to a doctor because she wasn't examining me or anything which felt pretty good. If your feeling even half as nervous a I was, just remember that they know nothing about you so they can't judge you in anyway shape or form. And they can find ways to help you which you never even thought of. I was really skeptical about doing this but I'm honestly so glad I did! 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


  1. I totally understand. I went last year for a while, and I have thought about going back. I agree that it's a good idea. Even if you don't get over the anxiety totally, you just feel better after sharing your feelings and thoughts without being judged.

    1. Yeah that's exactly how I feel about it ... It just feels really good to talk to someone xx