How To Survive Exam Season

Next month is exams for me... I know I'm feeling the pressure a bit. I also know GCSEs start June(????) so in toughs I'd share some of my tips to help survive exam season. 

1. Working really hard is great.... With regular breaks. You're not going to take anything in if you've been working to hard. Ten minutes every 45 minutes to 1 hour will do the trick. 

2. Work during your frees. If your have lots of free periods at college, take advantage!! The more you do at college, the less you have to so at home.

3. Keep your phone WELL AWAY! How much work would you actually do if your phone was sitting next to you .... Let's be honest it's not going to be a lot.m

4. Don't panic!!! Well I get stressed about my work ... I've been known to break things (I'm not proud ok?!?!?) don't let yourself get to that point ... Just walk away! 

5. Get a study buddy. I've always found this really useful because I have someone to motivate me to do my work. I know it seems like a huge distraction but it isn't. You end up making each other work harder. 

So these are my top five tips on how to survive exam session. Let me know what your tips are for surrviving exam session are in the comments. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


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