Top Five Beauty Wishlist

Hey guys! I'm really sorry this is up really late but I was busy and I nearly forgot ... Sorry. So I was in boots today and was looking at all the makeup I couldn't buy (because I have no money) so I thought I'd share my Wishlist with you guys to see if any of you have tried these products. If you've tried them ,let me know in the comments what you think so I can see if they're worth me buying. So... here are the top five products on my wishlist. 

1. THEY'RE REAL mascara by Benefit
2. Light Contour Kit by Sleek
3. Bronzing Powder by Bourjois
4. in The Buff pallete by W7
5. Provocolips (mainly the red one) by Rimmel London

So these are the top five things on my beauty wishlist. The one I'm most excited to buy is the W7 pallete (number 4) becuase it looks an awful look like the Naked palette but a lot cheaper. 

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Love Georgie xxx


  1. I like the look of the W7 palette, for the same reason! I haven't tried the Provocolips range, but I've been tempted many times. I'd like to try the contour set, but my skin is just too red for anything to work on it! Hope you get a few, or all, of these items on your wishlist =]

    1. Thabknyou very much xxx I've seen so many good reviews for the W7 pallets I am definalty picking it up next time I see it

  2. I really really want the they're real! It's just a so expensive!

    1. I know ... I can't justify spending that money on a mascara! Xx