Top Five Books

Bets guys welecome back!  So this idea was from Elena (click here to view her profile) and thought I'd do it because I'm actually quite a book worm. My dad has always got a book in his hand and that has been passed down to me which is definatly not a bad thing. I bring my tablet to college to read and have taken up at least two book shelves with books. I thought I'd share my top five books (or book series) with you guys. So here are my top five books (not in order) 

* Gallager Girls series - Ally Carter. Ok Ally Carter is possibly my favouite autor and this is my favouite book series by her. The first book (I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You) is about a girl, Cammie, who attended Gallager academy- a school for spies. She has to try to balance a normal life outside of the walls of the academy with her training at school. As the series progresses, it gets more dark with secret organisation out to get the girls but it makes it more interesting. There are part of the books that are quite girly which adds to the charm. I would highly reccomend!!

* Paper Towns - John Green. I know that most people tend to prefer TFIOS but this one is most defianlty my favouite! It's follows the charchter Quentin "Q" who has a serious crush on Margo, the girl across the street. One night she calls on him to hell carry out her revenge on her ex-boyfriend which leads to the wildest night Q has ever had. But it turns out solving the mystery of Margo turned into a bit of a challenge... But that's what makes this book so interesting. 

* Percy Jackson - Rick Riordan. I think the majority of people know what these books are about but if you've been living under a rock, the books are set around a boy named Percy who just so happens to be the son of Poseidon (you know, everyday stuff). He and his friends from Camp Half-Blood have to fight monsters and save people. If you love action and adventure books, YOU HAVE TO READ THESE. 

* Alex Rider - Anthony Horowitz. Combine Cammie from Gallager girls and Percy Jackson and that's pretty much Alex Rider (minus the superpowers). after Alex's uncle dies he gets offered a job by his uncles precocious employer, the secret service. He has to fight a range if bad guys and save the country, my favouite book has to be Arc Angel (number 6 ... I think?!?) where Alex goes to space. This was the first book series I read and I really really enjoyed them!! 

* Heist Society- Ally Carter. What a surprise another Ally Carter book? This one is based around a girl, Katarina Bishop, who was brought up in a family of criminals. Trying tescape this life she cons her way into the best private school she can think of only to be dragged back into that life by her friend Hale to save her father from a gang leader. There are a few books in this series and I seriously reccomend you pick them up. 

Have you guys read any of these books, if so what did you think?  Also what's your top five books you've ever read? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. I love paper towns so much! Can't wait to watch the film!