Top Five Things To Watch On Netflix

Let me just put it out there, Netflix is going to be the reason I fail my exams. I don't actually have a Netflix account, but I'm sort of using my friends and since she let me use it it been difficult to get me off! There are a range of TV shows on There with range from awesome to a bit crap (sorry). To stop you  from trying to find a decent show, I thought I'd share my top five TV shows (not in order) -

1. Pretty Little Liars - If you don't already know, this is on of my favourite TV shows EVER (obviously doesn't beat Game of Thrones though)! It was featured in my top five TV shows post, but basically it's about a group of girls who are trying to find out what happens th their "missing" friend whilst trying to figure out whose "A", the person who keeps on threatening them. It's a really well written show which will have you begging for the next episode!

2.  One Upon A Time - this is a recent discovery of mine and I love it!! Al the fairy tale characters have been cursed by the wicked queen to our world but they have no memory of the curse. Granted the first couple of episodes are a bit odd, but once it starts to make a bit more sense ... It's amazing!!! I love guessing which person is from which fairytale! 

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - this show is hilarious!! It's set in a police station in New York. Basically it's really funny and you should watch it!!!

4. White Collar - This is such a cleverly written show! It's about a con artist who j stead of serving his sentence, decides to work for the FBI to help catch con artists like him. Me and my friend are IN LOVE with this show! It's so worth watching! 

5. Adventure Time - What? I'm not 18 yet so I'm technically still a child... So it's acceptable! 

So these are what I seriously reccomend on Netflix. What do you watch in Netflkx, let me know im the comments. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xx


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE ONCE UPON A TIME!!! Wish I had netflix though, waaah;(!

    1. It's so good!!! It's my new addiction... Xx