What If I Fail?!?!

I've  found my AS year particularly hard which had kind of reinforced my great fear ... Failure! I'm seriously struggling with my subjects and if I fail I have no idea what I'm going to do next year. Do I move colleges, change subjects or just carry on with what I'm doing and pray it gets easier. Failure is the scariest thing for me. I feel like if I fail there will be no options left for me. I feel like my friends would move in and I'd just to be stuck in a loop of failure. I can also imagine my parents being so disappointed in me even though I've tried so hard and I still don't know my sine from my cosine! I have many question whizzing round my head that I can't share with anyone because they'll tell me to work harder even though I think that's physical impossible! I can just imagine all of these doors shutting in front of me and I'm trapped in a room with no way out because I've failed. I don't know what I'd do if I failed. I mean if I can't pass my AS year, is there any hope for me? I feel like my summer is going to consist of me researching if there's going to any hope of me having a future. Even though I haven't failed (yet) I still have all of these thoughts in my head telling me I have no hope. You have no idea how much I won't to prove myself and everyone else wrong but I don't know if I can. I honestly can't handle the idea if me failing at anything... Maybe that's why I've been blogging for so long?

I'm really sorry for the string of personal posts I've been throwing on you but I need to get it off my chest ... Sorry! 

Speak to you soon, 
Georgie xxx


  1. I get the feeling, it can be such a relieve to just write it all out and share it with the world, hoping someone will relate or understand.

    I had a little breakdown this week as well and it really helped me to write a post about it. This feeling is normal, I guess, deadlines are getting close and we are afraid we can't meet them, or we won't be able to hand in a worthy project, or we won't pass for our exams. At least I did. And it does make you think about "what if I fail?" and you just see your whole future collaps in front of you.

    Maybe talking to a teacher might help, asking for some more explanation or just ask someone if they can reassure you that you will get there. If they can tell you they see potential in you, maybe that might cheer you up and give you a boost.

    I really hope you will kick ass! Don't give up just now, I know it's annoying to hear people say "you have to work harder" because you feel as if you have reached your limit right now. We have a saying in Dutch (I'm sure there is something similar in English) that says something like this: you can only do your best, so just work as hard as you can and that should be enough. You can't do more than give all you've got.

    Hold on, you're almost there! xxx

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

    1. Thank you so much
      .. I hope I kick ass too!! I get what your saying, it can be really hard trying to keep up. I'm going to extra sessions with my teacher to so hopefully that will help!