Are Driving Lessons Scary?!?!

Hey guys! So as I'm 17 years old it means that I'm learning to drive. At first I was literally bricking it. I was so nervous I couldn't even look at the road ... Which is kinda the whole point of driving. As I've had more lessons, I've gotten better which would be hard to believe if you know me! One thing I've learnt is it isn't actually that scary. I'm not saying that you won't meet the occasional idiot who does not care one bit you've only had like 30-40 odd lessons (that's going to happen), but I have learnt a few things to make it a lot easier. 

1. I find singin in my head or humming a song helps. It stops me from having a meltdown in front of the wheel by taking my mind off the fact I'm in control. 

2. Listen to everything your instructor says. Sometimes I would think "my dad wouldn't do that" but trust me. Espically in your first few lessons, they defiantly know best. 

3. Don't freak out. Most (I mean most) people will be considerate and remember that they were learned at on point. They'll give you space and be patient. Just take your time with everything. 

4. One thing my driving instructor tells me is to remember all servers are idiots. This reminds me I need to let everyone know what I'm doing straight away. Just think of all drivers as idiots. 

5. Don't worry about it. Remember everyone has to start somewhere and everyone that drives a car had lessons at some point. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxxx


  1. I remember my first driving lesson, I was so nervous and my driving instructor didn't help at all, had to quit my lessons :/ x

    1. Really? Mines really lovely ... Maybe you'll find another one whos a lot more helpful x

  2. Haha, these are so true. I never trust other drivers. There are so many reckless drivers where I live, so I am always hyper aware.

    I used to let go of the steering wheel when I was just starting out. That is never a good idea. And yeah, always listen to your instructor, he know what he is doing, your parents most likely don't. My parents have some bad habits that I had to try not to learn when I was practicing with them.

    1. Yeah not the best idea!!! I feel like most people would watch how their parents drive and copy them which again... Not the best the to do.