Collection 'Work The Colour' Eyebrow Review.

Hey guys!!! I'M BACK!!! And with another review for you guys. Before we get started I just wanna put this out there ... I had very little expectations as this pallets cost me £2.99 but I thought it was worth a try because I loved the colours so if I didn't like it on my eyebrows I'd use it as eyeshadow. The far colour was too dark as it's almost black as the lighter colour is meant for blondes .. But the third colour is almost a perfect fit for my shade of brown. Light to dark brown hair will work perfectly with this colour. The one problem is it does fade a bit throughout the day but if you use the gel it stays in place. Obviously the brush is a bit ... Well rubbish but I used my H&M eyeliner brush and they look amazing. It gives a good colour without looking like you used a marker to draw them one. Let's just say this is defiantly one of my must haves and will almost defiantly be repurchasing thspis item. I would pay more than £2.99 for this product 110%... Love it!!! I also use the other two for eyeshadow. The lighter one on my lid and the darker one blended in the crease... I love it because it's really simple and I also don't have a lot of matte eyeshadow so I love having this just as eyeshadow as well. 

What's your favourite eyebrow product? Let me know in the comments. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


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