How To Take Photos On A Tablet

I see a lot of blogpost about 'what camera to blog with' and 'how to edit photos properly' and while that's amazing for people that enjoy photography (and can afford it) and there's just me who takes an sides my photos on my iPad. Don't get me wrong they're not professional quality but I'm actually quite impressed with them considering I haven't spent a fortune of the right camera and in editing software. So I thought I'd show you guys that it is easy to take decent quality photos for your blog on a budget. 

1. Make sure your desk/surface is clear. 

2. Use a desk light. I tend to put the lamp directly on top of the products I want to photograph just because I feel like the light is "evenly distributed" and that way I don't have to worry about flash or editing the lighting huge amounts. My desk lamp is from IKEA and I think it was around £8. 

3. Take lots of pictures. This way you have lots of options in case on goes blurry or whatever. Also remember to focus on the products by tapping on what your taking a picture of. 

4. Editing. All of the editing apps I have a free. My favourite one is InstaEditer. I love this many because it has a focus effect which blurs out the items in the background ... Also the effects are amazing. I also love the pictocollage for posts like wish lists. 

So that's a brief overview of how I take and edit my photos. Let me know what camera you use ad. What program you use to edit them. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


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