Ten Things On My Bucket List

Hey guys, I'm back with another "I haven't blogged in a while but don't have any ideas" blog post! I was browsing Twitter (as you do) and came across a couple of Bucket List blogposts.p and thought it was a pretty cool idea. For those of you that don't know a bucket list is a list of activities or things you want to see in your lifetime. I know I'm only 17 but I'm taking a year out next year and have a couple of things I really wanna do next year while I'm on my year out. So these are ten things on my bucket list.

1. Swim with sharks 
2. Go on Camp America
3. Swim in the Great Barrier Reef
4. Lean how to surf
5. Explore a Rainforest 
6. Swim with dolphins 
7. Go on an African Safari 
8. See monkeys in the wild 
9. Drive a Mustang 
10. Go to ComiCon in San Diego 

So these are ten items on my bucket list. What's on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


  1. Aw this is great, all of it sounds so adventurous!


    1. Haha thanks ... I hope it all is just as exciting as it sounds xxx