Vo5 Extra Body Mousse Reveiw

So one of the things in my summer bucket list (click here) was to change my hair. So it's gone from being down to my waist to just below my shoulders. I also plan to ombré or dip dye my hair as well which could be .... Interesting. So as my hair is a lot shorter I've began to notice that my hairs more flat with little volume, so I decided to get something that would help make my hair look less limp and lifeless. I found is in tescos at two for £4 and thought I'd give it ago. To apply it squirt some into your hands and massage into the roots of your hair. It says to use "from root to tip" but I don't see a huge amount of difference so I think it's a waste of product. So far I'm impressed with this product. I've noticed a lot amount of difference in the volume and texture of my hair. It doesn't add a huge amount of volume so your hair doesn't look like it's been teased like a birds nest. It adds just enough of volume so it's not flat and is easy to style. It stays in all day (providing here's not a huge amount of rain) and comes out when you brush your hair. I personally would of preferred this is a spray for as it's less messy and easier to apply but this is defiantly a close second. 

What's your favourite volumising product? Let me know in the comments. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


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