I'm Happy I Failed???

Hey guys. For ode of us in England today was A-level results day and I did .... Badly. I got a D in biology and two U's in maths and chemistry. At first I was gutted. I was disappointed in myself because I tried really hard and gave it my everything. After about an hour of wondering what I did wrong I actually realised I was okay with it. I hated maths and I really struggled with chemistry so actually it was better than me get all D's because I would of carried on with subjects I didn't like and struggle with so I would of got bad grades and gone into clearing next year. My year has been interesting... I've had some problems at college with bullying and my dads been sick so I've been feeling the pressure. But really the reason I failed is because I was trying too hard with two subjects I don't have a passion or interest for. I want to do either biology or environmental science at university which doesn't need either maths or chemistry. This way I can start fresh, move colleges if I can and do subjects I enjoy. I was thinking on tasking environmental studies and either English literature or media studies. Something else completely different that I enjoy and did really well at GCSE. And this way I'll have something other than science on my CV. Yes I'll have to explain the two failures that I have but the passes that I will have will look a lot better. So am I upset that I failed. Yes of course I am. I put all this work in for what appears to be nothing. But at the same time I'm happy. Happy I now have a reason to drop subjects I hate and swap them for ones I know I'll enjoy. I could spend ages crying about subjects that I hate when I could be excited about trying subjects I enjoy. 

How do you guys get on with your results? Let me know in the comments. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


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