KIKO EyeShadow Review

So recently and friend and I went on a day trip to Brighton. I'd never been to Brighton before and I thought it was an amazing place.i could of spent forever shopping in the lanes and walking along the beach and pier. One of the shops of visited was this makeup shop Kiko in the shopping centre. The main reason I went in was because they had a sale so I picked up these two eye shadows for £1.90 each (they were normally around £3). I chose a brown shade (133) and a rose gold shade (137) mainly because I love neural colours and that brown is gorgeous and I mean who doesn't love rose gold? Am I right? 

I know I can't review a whole brand on two products but img quite impressed with the eyeshadow. First of all it's very pigmented and I love the chuncks of glitter so you do need to cover your eyelids in them as a little goes a long way. Also these eye shadows are very easy to blend meaning that they work really well when creating a smoky eye. I have to say I absolutely love the coppery rose gold colour. It's so different to everything I have and the sparkle in the actually product gives makes it look even better. I'm so impressed with these products it gives me a reason to go back to Brighton and buy more! Aha. 

Have you tied this brand or seen anything similar? Let me know in the comments. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


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