Teen Choice Awards Fashion

I actually can't believe it's been nearly a week since I've posted ... Whoops! So the other day were the teen choice awards and I have to say I was impressed with the fashion. There was defiantly a mixture of different styles that looked amazing. I feel like these awards are more relaxed then some of the other award shows which means that there's a wider variety of outfits ... Not just fancy dresses. So here are my favourite outfits from the teen choice awards. 

So first of is Victoria Justice and this gorgeous  green dress. I think this dress is absolutely GORGEOUS. I think this colour looks amazing on her and the style of dress shows of her amazing figure. I love the fringing as it adds detail and catches the eye with out be too much ... If that makes sense. 

Next we have Shay Mitchell. I mean she looks amazing in everything she wears but this is particularly stunning. I love the black detailing on this blazer and let's be honest she look like a model in this. I love the black detailing and the way she's styles it with the belt. I mean I could never pull something like this off but she defiantly has. 

Next is Lea Michele. I love her and this I love this dress. It's so cute and she looks fabulous in it. This sort of style is something I love and can defiantly see myself wearing. I think she pulls it off and looks brilliant. 

I had to talk about Lucy Hale. Is it just me or is this dress something Aria would 100% wear? I really love darker colours and patterns and I love the mesh. I mean... It's beautiful and she looks even more beautiful in it. I personally would of liked her hair styled a bit more ... Maybe down or something. I feel like this dress is amazing and it's styled beautifully and the hair lets it down a bit ... I don't know might just be me. But Lucy looks amazing in anything so I'm surprised she has one of my favouite outfits. 

I mean and we couldn't not talk about Little Mix. These girls are so beautiful and talented. I mean trust them to start the show dressed as their nerdy character from the Black Magic music video. I mean their performance was amazing. And my favouite outfit of the night goes to Jesy for that killer little black dress but I mean come on ... They all look great. 

So what was your favouite outfit from this years TCA's. Let me know in the comments. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


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