Born Pretty Contour Palette

Hey guys, as promised, I'm back with another review from me. So I received a package from the website  BornPretty (click here) . Now I have to say I'm not familiar with this brand but so far ... I'm super impressed. The item I was most excited to try was the mini contour palette (with and included brush set) which cost under 10$ (under £6.50) which is an absolute bargain.

The first thing that I love about this palette is how easy the colours are to blend even if you don't have a beauty blender. This makes life so much easier when trying to get your contour on plus .... It always looks on point. The smaller concealer style brushes that come with palette are perfect for creates great small lines and making everything look perfect.

 Secondly there's an amazing range of colours which means you can go from casual fave makeup to Kim K contouring the oath one palette. The darkest brown works if you a really dark contour and looks pretty sharp and impressive. Also there's a cream blush, a green, a yellow and a highlighter. The green works really well on under eye circles as it cover them but also brighten the eye area. I'm super impressed with the rename of colours. 

Also the palette is also quite hypoallergenic. Because I have seriously sensitive skin I normally try foundation on I store before I by them. And I've been using this product for about three or four days and I've not had any skin problem, itching or redness where I've put this product. So if your worried about it upsetting your skin, don't be. It's seems to be agreeing with my skin and I'm allergic to other makeup brands... Which may or may not have left me face all puffy like a chipmunk. 

Okay, can we just talk about the price for a second. I mean for a pretty decent contour palette you're not goi to get a better price. Let's be honest. I would highly reccomned it to anyone but espcially if you haven't ever owned a contour palette before, like myself, and want one that is really easy to blend, apply and quite easy to remove as well in case ... It goes a bit wrong. Seriously this palette would make an excellent addition to anyone's collection plus you get and included brush set aswell (wait for a review on those). 

Also if you guys want to purchase any of the items for this glorious website than use the code MGRH10 to get 10% off. This glorious site has everything from cute phone cases to nail stencils and polish to jewellery, brushes and lipstick. Seriously check them out if your into all things cute and girly. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx

*gifted item* 


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