What I Did This Summer

So before summer officially started I posted a "summer checklist". This was where I set myself ten things I wanted to do this summer. I did some really awesome things ... But I spent the last few weeks working a lot to affor a laptop or save enough to go to America next year with college.... Which is going to be the best part of £2000 ... Help!!! So needless to say I spent most of mutineers working a crappy job to earn not a huge a,out of cash *sigh*. I also did some wonderful things. Meet up with some friends ... ,managed to get to the front at a TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT!!! (I actually still can't believe that happened). So it's time to review my checklist and see what I did. To make this more interesting I've come up with some forfeits for the ones that I've failed. So let's see how I've done .... 

1. Go to the beach .... At least twice. - CHECK 

2. Go somewhere I've never been before. -CHECK - I went to Brighton and I'd never been there before

3. Be brave enough to go swimming!!!! - FAIL!! - with my next pay check buy a nice swimming costume and drag my best friend down to the pool ... Maybe over the October half term 

4. Go up to London to visit my friend who lives there. - FAIL!! I'm going to London on the 26th to see one direction ... So maybe do a day in photos London Editon 

5. Change my hairstyle dramatically.- CHECK 

6.  Get a job. - CHECK 

7. Make a photo album of my entire summer - FAIL!! - I'm thinking do a Christmas special a day in photos 

8. Blog at least twice a week. - FAIL!!! - its going to be another daily blogging month next month 

9. Raise my Instagram game!!! - FAIL!!! - upload my day in photos to Instagram 

10. Do something out of my comfort zone. - CHECK

So as you can see .... I failed miserably this summer and not just at my a levels *sobs*. What di you guys do this summer? Let me know in the comments. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx



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