Born Pretty Brushes Review

Hello my lovelies how are we all doing today? As promised here is my last item sent to me from the lovely site BornPretty which came in a set with my beautiful contour palette. I have to say I'm actually quite impressed with these brushes, especially the smaller foundation/concealer brushes which I use with my contour palette as its really easy to apply especially around the cheek bones. I've also had the brushes inn the past where the bristles have fallen out ,especially concealer brushes, and have had chunks missing which means they don't really work any more. I've been using these brushes for about two weeks and I haven't had any problems. I have to say the only one I haven't used is the eyelash comb because I don't have any need for it. I use the fluffy brush for apply highlighter to my cheekbones which works perfectly. The small eyeliner brush works really well as well but I mainly use it for applying eye shadow under my eyes. The main thing that I like about these brushes is that the bristles don't separate. I know this sounds really weird but does anyone else find that (mainly on concealer and eye shadow brushes) that brush separates, mainly with liquid or cream products? maybe it's just me buying crap brushes. I'm not gonna lie, I was expecting these brushes to be awful but I was pleasantly surprised. I think I'm going to have to buy some more brushes from here on payday. I have my eye on some pink ombre ones for under £10 which is amazing value.

Click here to see the brushes and contour palette set for £6.50 which is amazing value. Also use the coupon code MGRH10 for 10% off.

Speak to you soon,
Love Georgie xxx

*gifted item* 


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