Hey guys, I'm back with another beauty review for you. so as some of you already know, I LOVE a good bargain. so I went into boots he other day and saw that the Miss Sporty brand was 3 for £6.... I know an absolute bargain. I picked up about nine items over a week (oops) one of which was this My BFF lipstick (I know, I hate the name too) . I actually got two of these one is a dark ish neutral colour that I picked up by accident (I meant to pick up a red but I actually quite like the colour) and this dark plum colour. now I have to admit, I only owned one shade of lipstick before these two: red. I'm a red lipstick kind of girl but I've decided to step out of my lipstick zone.

Now the shade My Nice Plum is this beautiful glossy, purple colour which is perfect for autumn. I feel like autumn is the perfect time for dark lipsticks so this one is perfect. When I say "the perfect shade" I mean that this lipstick goes perfectly with all my autumn outfits, which is somewhat of a miracle. I think this lipstick is £2.99 so its a really great price and I think for such a pigmented colour you cant really complain. They also have amazing staying power. I mean id put this lipstick on at like 8-9 am and it would still be there at 12 after a snack or some lunch. obviously it doesn't stay all day, I mean if it did it would be double the price, so you do need to apply it after a few hours or a meal but I think that's still quite good considering Miss Sporty is a cheap brand in general (no hate for the brand, it was just an observation). This is going to sound weird but I also like the shape of the lipstick because the whole of the top is slanted instead of just a little section (if that makes sense) so its easy to apply. so basically I love how easy the lipstick is to apply. So overall I'm in love with this lipstick and this is what I would call perfect for autumn.

What's your favourite autumn lipstick? Let me know in the comments.

Speak to you soon,
Love Georgie xxx


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